What is a ‘bikeway’?

    A bikeway is a dedicate path or route for cyclists. It is commonly separated from the vehicular traffic lane through a physical buffer or grade separation. 

    Why is the City building a bikeway on Paris Street and Notre Dame Avenue?

    The Transportation Master Plan for the City of Greater Sudbury recommends a network of cycling facilities to be installed throughout the community. To view the recommended cycling facility network, visit Section 9 of the Transportation Master Plan. A cycle track is the recommended facility type for Paris Street and Notre Dame Avenue to accomodate people who bike. 

    When will the Paris – Notre Dame bikeway be constructed?

    Pending Council approval, the first segment of the bikeway (yet to be determined) will be potentially constructed in 2020. This first section will not necessarily equate to a full phase (North or South) of the current design project. Additional segments of the bikeway will be constructed in subsequent years, as funding is approved by City Council through the annual budget process.