Sudbury team designs prototype for mobile COVID-19 assessment centre

A physician and an entrepreneur from Sudbury have teamed up on a project they hope could help healthcare workers assess patients for COVID-19.

Dr. Dennis Reich and Tom Fortin have completed a prototype of a mobile assessment centre, built using a shipping container. They hope health units in northeastern Ontario and beyond will use the design when setting up new COVID-19 assessment centres.

"The goal would be to have these things in locations where you don't, you can't have the capacity to set up a station like you would have on Walford [road in Sudbury], for example," said Reich.

"These things are portable, you can have them in remote areas, you can stick them on trailers and set them up in a day and run them for a few days and then bring them to another location. They're very, very versatile in a pandemic situation." Read more.

Categories: Dr. Dennis Reich and Tom Fortin
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