Sudbury Apparel-Maker Keeping Industry Faces Covered

For a company that made its name outfitting women with protective workwear, it only made sense that, when the pandemic landed in Northern Ontario, Sudbury's Covergalls would find a role in helping protect people from the novel coronavirus.

“Our whole focus has been making sure people are properly, comfortably outfitted in protective gear,” said company founder Alicia Woods, creator of the coverall that’s specially designed for a woman’s body.

“We were trying to find our place in it,” she said, reflecting on the early days of the pandemic. “We could get medical-grade PPE, but if we got involved, we’d just be a link in the chain, adding cost, adding delivery, and we didn’t want to do that.”

Instead, she went back to the basics, donating fabric to local seamstresses who designed and sewed washable, reusable cotton masks, which Covergalls then gave away to people and community organizations in need. Read more here.

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