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  • Sudbury businesses, organizations 3D-printing medical components

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    A group of Sudbury organizations has come together to 3D-print much-needed components for personal protective equipment (PPE) for use at the city’s Health Sciences North (HSN).

    With a need growing for protective medical equipment to help shield health-care workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, organizations have begun using an open-source file from the Swedish 3D printing company 3D Verkstan to 3D-print headbands that will hold in place face shields worn by medical professionals.

    The Sudbury group includes mining-industry companies Ionic Mechatronics, SHYFTInc and Hard-Line, as well as the SNOLAB research facility and Science North science centre.

    Schools are also contributing to the effort. Postsecondary institutions like Collège Boréal, Cambrian College, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and Laurentian University are participating, as well as Lo-Ellen Park and Lively Secondary high schools. Read more.

  • SNOLAB makes PPE donation to Health Sciences North

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    Research institutions around the world are coordinating on initiatives to assist medical teams in responding to the COVID-19. As this situation evolves, scientists and technicians are offering to put their skills, equipment, and expertise to use to contribute to local and global response efforts.

    With personal protective equipment for frontline workers being an immediate concern, SNOLAB has taken an inventory of cleanroom personal protective equipment onsite and brought much of it up from underground earlier this week. The science team has been in contact with Health Sciences North (HSN) to determine where we can help meet the needs of local healthcare workers. Read more