Why is the bridge being replaced?

    Recent Ontario Structure Inspection Manual (OSIM) bridge inspections completed by the City have identified this bridge for replacement. Current traffic volumes require a wider bridge to accommodate safe traffic flow. 

    The bridge is also currently load posted and the current operational plan for the City is to upgrade all bridges that are load posted. Load postings restrict the size and loading for commercial transports crossing bridges.

    Why not replace with another single lane bridge? This could help reduce traffic speeds along Kalmo Road.

    Reducing a two-lane roadway to a one-lane roadway at a water crossing is not an acceptable method of traffic calming. The existing bridge does not meet the current design standards for traffic volume.  An upgrade to a two-lane bridge will alleviate risks associated with potential collisions related to two lanes of traffic sharing a single-lane bridge.

    When is construction anticipated to begin and how long will it last?

    Tentative timing for construction is summer-fall 2022,  subject to municipal priorities and available funding.

    Will this project have any impacts on properties?

    This will be determined once the preferred alternative is chosen. If property impacts are identified, the City will contact affected property owners directly.

    Will there be any impacts to the natural environment?

    Impacts to the natural environment will be considered during the evaluation of alternatives. We will develop mitigation measures to minimize any adverse impacts during construction.

    Will there be any impacts on traffic?

    Traffic control measures will be required during bridge construction. Any required lane and/or road closures will be implemented in accordance with the City’s traffic management protocols, and we will provide advance notice through our regular social media channels to residents and businesses.