April 22 2021

Earth Day

April 2021

Plalk around the Block

This Earth Month, hold a plalk with your household and make some art from trash. A Plalk is simply Picking Up Litter as you walk, hike, or run. With spring arriving and the snow melting, we are starting to see signs of litter left during the winter months. April is Earth Month, so this is a great time to show our neighbourhoods and our planet some love, and clean-up what’s been left behind.  Then re-think waste, tap into your creativity, and turn some of these discarded items into art.  

May 02 → May 08 2021

International Compost Awareness Week

The goal of the program is to raise the awareness of the public regarding the benefits of using compost. Throughout ICAW, community and business events are held to encourage and celebrate composting. All types of composting – from backyard to large-scale are promoted.   www.compostfoundation.org/ICAW/ICAW-Home