What is the HCMP?

    Watch this short information video.

    The HCMP is a multi-year plan designed BY EMPLOYEES, FOR EMPLOYEES. It's built on four pillars:

    • Effective Leadership – ensuring we have the leadership skills and knowledge to build a high-performance organization that supports the effective delivery of municipal services.
    • Workforce Capacity -- ensuring we have the right employees at the right time, who have access to the appropriate information, understand the larger picture and how they fit in.
    • Diverse, Healthy and Respectful Workplace – ensuring our employees and our workplaces are inclusive, healthy, safe and supportive.
    • Innovation – moving us from a paper-based recruitment process to one that is entirely facilitated by PeopleSoft (the program we use for information management at the City).

    How will it work?

    The HCMP has four pillars. Within those four pillars are a total of 17 deliverables. You can learn more about those deliverables here, including under which pillar they can be found.

    Each pillar has a Project Champion, an Advisory Committee and a Working Group. The Working Groups, which are made up of employees from across the organization, will work on these deliverables by brainstorming, presenting, testing and reviewing them.

    They will provide their suggested solutions to the Advisory Committee (made up of Directors) for approval. Once a solution is approved, the working group will implement it.

    Throughout this process, you will see changes and development of processes, policies and programs. Don’t worry -- we will keep you up to date!

    Who's on the project team?

    The project team consists of:

    Project PositionMembership
    Project Sponsor
    Ed Archer, CAO
    Pillar Champions 4 Executive Leadership Team Members
    Advisory Committee32 Business Leadership Group members
    Working Group40 members of staff across the organization, at all levels

    Want to know who's where?  Check out the link below. 

    HCMP Project Team

    What can we expect from this project?

    Under the four pillars, there are 17 deliverables.  You can read more about the deliverables here.

    How can you get involved and have your say?

    Remember, this is a project designed by employees, for employees.  

    To have your say, you can:

    1.  Look to see what surveys are happening right now

    2.  Email the project lead at hcmpproject@greatersudbury.ca

    3.  Call Maryann Horan, Project Director, at 705-674-4455 x4216