Will there be water outages during the construction of the watermain?

    Watermain improvements will be designed to facilitate continuous service of the existing watermain during construction, with planned short term outages at time of connection to the existing system.  The Contractor will be required to provide water outage notifications for short term water outages to all affected users.

    How will traffic be impacted during construction?

    The Contractor will be required to maintain access to residential and commercial properties during construction; however, motorists will experience reduced speeds and minor delays due to construction.  Two lanes (i.e. one lane in each direction) will be maintained during daytime construction to the extent possible.

    What traffic protection measures will be incorporated into this project?

    During construction, the Contractor will be required to follow the safety provisions of the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7.  The new roadway will include new permanent traffic signals, signage, pavement markings, rubble strips, and guide rail, where required.

    How will the project accommodate cyclists and pedestrians?

    The new design will incorporate significant improvements including the incorporation of fully paved shoulders for cycling as well as pedestrian crosswalks and other features to comply with accessibility requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. We are designing to complete streets principles.

    Is there potential for increased noise, dust and vibration?

    A temporary increase in noise and vibration due to the operation of equipment and excavation activities will occur during construction.  The contractor will be exempt from municipal noise by-laws to allow for some night construction to expedite the schedule.  The contract will include requirements for dust suppression during construction.  The new road surface will help reduce noise and vibration once construction is complete.

    Are property acquisitions required?

    Significant efforts have been made to mitigate property requirements for this project.  The majority of the proposed roadway can be accommodated within the existing road allowance; however, some property may/may not be required at select locations to accommodate the new roadway configuration.  In addition, private infrastructure has been identified within the limits of the road allowance (including fences and sheds) that may require removal in advance of construction.  Affected property owners would be contacted individually.