Place Hurtubise, 1966 LaSalle Boulevard, Sudbury

Before: An existing play structure and swing set were found to be in poor condition and in need of renewal in less than five years. All playground equipment has been removed.

After: Residents told the City of Greater Sudbury they wanted an equal mix of traditional, themed and fitness playground design with structures that encourage climbing, swinging, co-ordination and agility. Most requested park amenities were shaded rest areas, benches and bike racks.

New playground structures feature an exciting variety of climbing, agility and balancing apparatus with an accessible feature. A new swing set is suitable for both tots and older children.

An overview of the renewed Place Hurtubise Playground shows the approximate placement of new play equipment and benches.

Installation of new play structures and a new ground surface consisting of engineered wood fibre were completed on November 28, 2018. Grass areas will be restored in the spring 2019.

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