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Ministry Of Environment Staff Volunteer Planting Efforts By John Negusanti (Retired MNR/MOE Forester/Phytotoxicologist

by John Negusanti,

As part of Sudbury's Land Reclamation program MOE staff planted trees on at least 8 separate years in sites selected by Tina McCaffrey and myself. Planting took place each spring when conditions were optimal. We usually planted between 4 and 5 thousand trees(mostly potted stock) in highly visible hillsides along Sudbury roads.These projects amounted to the planting of over 40 thousand trees which is a substantial contribution to Sudbury's landscape. MOE management allowed the planting to be done on Ministry time as an environmental initiative. As the main organizer of these events I feel the MOE staff derived great pleasure and satisfaction from these activities. 

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