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Moved Back just for this

After leaving Sudbury most other highly educated individuals in the tech industry, Sudbury pulled us back in. Although there is no employment here, the tradeoff to be able to enjoy the outdoors the way we can has been worth it. I remember growing up in New Sudbury where my backyard connected a swampy field and junction creek. By the time I moved away, it was almost a forest and just recently I drove by, the trees have matured to well over 20-30 feet. This story is repeated throughout the city.

Unfortunately, all these efforts are going to be reversed when Mayor Bigger joined a 'race to the bottom' in order to attract a terrible emission producer and pollutant by deciding to potentially place a ferrochrome smelter in a protected provincial park. Daisy Lake Uplands is set aside for study of the site's ability to recover on its own without human intervention ( Among many other risks associated with this plant, if it is announced that it will be coming to Sudbury, my young family and I will be moving away to greener, safer pastures. 

As we celebrate 40 years of regreening, let's continue looking forward to the future and protecting these efforts!

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